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Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for stopping by! Im a Latina millennial born and raised in Toronto who studied to become an interior decorator. I actually ended up opening my own design firm (which I loved), But life ended up steering me in a different direction and I ended up closing those doors and opening new ones in the blogging world. I now  have the opportunity to continue sharing my knowledge and love for Interior Design along with my wellness journey and my many other interests. 

My goal is for this to be a safe relatable place; a place that hopefully encourages you to live your best life, finding beauty within and around, and hopefully finding what makes you happy and healthy; because you truly deserve it! 

Our mission is to educate and motivate you on topics like wellness, travel, home decor and many many more. to find products (or sometimes even curate them) with the goal of making your life a little easier.

However you might have stumbled by to my little piece of the internet I hope you stick around and find inspiration.  


Hey, I'm mariana

a lifestyle, wellness and home decor  blogger

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A fun little Q & A


What is your favorite movie?

MRs Doubtfire


What has been your favorite travel destination ?



What is your biggest Pet peeve 

Morning Person or Night owl?


Night Owl 

Do Pineapples belong on pizza?


Of course

Missed matched socks ! 

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